LED Screen keeps Canary Wharf up to date

LED Screen keeps Canary Wharf up to date

Venue: One Canada Square, Canary Wharf

Product: IT10

Pixel pitch: 10mm

Dimensions: 6.4m x 3.52m

Country: UK

digiLED HRi screen drives interest on the Kia stand at LA Autoshow

digiLED HRi screen drives interest on the Kia stand at LA Autoshow

Venue: LA Autoshow 2013, Kia Stand

Product: digiLED HRi

Pixel pitch: 3.9062

Country: USA


LED screens make a fantastic display at Pink's 'Truth about Love' worldwide tour

LED screens make a fantastic display at Pink’s ‘Truth about Love’ worldwide tour

Application: Purchased by high end AV rental company for use at rock n roll events

Event: P!nk’s Worldwide ”The Truth about Love’ Tour, 2013

Product: MC7

Pixel pitch: 7.8mm

Press Release

Supply Quantity: 378 modules making up 5 x LED Screens

AV Magazine article

Quote: “These are the best looking screens ‘on camera’ that I’ve...

digiFLEX translates into the perfect solution for Swiss TV

digiFLEX translates into the perfect solution for Swiss TV

Application: TV Studio

Venue: Swiss TV Studios

Product: DFX10BB

Pixel pitch: 10mm

Dimensions: 18m x 1.92m

Country: Switzerland

The Pixel Depot - don't just take our word for it...

The Pixel Depot – don’t just take our word for it…

“The Pixel Depot is a most welcome new resource. It will be a real help to designers and specifiers because it allows direct comparisons between displays of different resolution and construction; and it also has the space to show many imaginative, not to say wacky, variations on the LED theme,...


Welcome to displayLED, the home of the digiLED range of display products and our specialist LED screen services. As displayLED we have been designing, manufacturing and integrating specialist large scale displays for a decade but most of us have been around this industry for considerably longer than that!

As you browse our website, and the product website at www.digiLED.com, you’ll notice that we have a passion for giant video screens. Everything we do is dedicated to gigantic displays (as well as smaller ones too).   Our team have vast experience in all aspects of LED engineering, going back to the days before full colour systems were even a consideration.

We still have some of the older technology that visitors to our base, The Pixel Depot, love to see. All we do is dedicated to making our customers have the most amazing experience with LED technology possible.

So what do we do?

We supply the trade with LED screens. Our Hong Kong subsidiary designs, sources and manufactures digiLED products in China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Uniquely we have our own team of local experts managing quality control and logistics processes on behalf of our clients around the World.

We sell to rental companies who provide temporary displays for the music industry, corporate clients and the sports word. In terms of fixed installations, our markets include casinos, the auto industry, TV studios, entertainment venues, DOOH advertising and stadia around the world.

Our network of AV Integrator and general signage partners manage sales and provide local support across North America, Europe and Africa, supported by our specialists and support systems.

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