DX969 Response Multimedia DFX6BP Vienna first show April 2015Client: Response Multimedia, UK

Product: DFX6BP

Quantity: 375 tiles

Pixel pitch: 6mm

Country: Vienna

‘I just wanted to thank all of you for your support all the way through our initial project and it helping us get the kit ordered and into the country on time. My client and their client were over the moon. We had other people from the congress approach us to quote for other work as well. I can honestly say that in my 20 years in the industry I have never had such support from every team member in a company. You all have the same ethos and it shines through in every email and bit of on-site work you do. Guy thank you for giving me the initial trust and support to purchase! Paul thanks for getting the kit to us and all the other support! Adrian thanks for the support on the drawings and technical! Tom a massive thanks for helping us deliver our first project! Dev thanks for great support during our first event! I think you can tell I am happy, I can’t wait to do more creative things with the kit, tell other people about digiLED and earn enough money to buy more digiLED kit. Looking forward to our future collaborations!’          Wil White, Response Multimedia